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Welcome to the Lawton Public Schools School Nurse page.  School Nursing has a diverse role within the school setting, one that supports the physical, mental, emotional, and social health of students.  The LPS nursing department currently has a staff of 2 Registered nurses and 8 Licensed Practical nurses serving the entire district.  The LPS nursing department provides various services including:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Assessments and interventions of illness, injury, and student health concerns
  • Specialized nursing procedures ordered per child’s physician
  • Provide nursing services related to the special needs child
  • Vision/Hearing screenings
  • Communicable disease monitoring and education
  • Chronic disease management and education
  • Individualized Health Plans and services for students with disabilities and/or health condition that interferes with learning
  • Medication Administration
  • State Immunization Compliance
  • School/community/health care provider liaison


If you need to speak with a nurse, contact your school or call, 580-215-0255 ext.4616. 

 COVID-19 guidance for parents



Meet our Team:

Mary Cotton RN  l  Rebecca Boyd RN

Elizabeth Bellofatto LPN  l  Kimberly Abernathy LPN

Petra Casto LPN  l  Terresa Peterson LPN

Anna Driggers LPN  l  Savannah Diehl LPN

Crystal McGee LPN