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2020-2021 GCN

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Annual professional development and compliance training through GCN (Global Compliance Network) is officially available for the 2020-2021 school year.

Timelines for completion of tutorials are listed in the attached 2020-2021 GCN Brochure.


·          Be advised there may be tutorials added after the start date if the Oklahoma State Department of Education publishes a revised list of required training.

·         Please review the attached 2020-2021 GCN brochure for information on instructions for logging in.  


Please note the following:

·         If you are an EXISTING employee whose position or location has changed, it DOES NOT prevent you from completing and getting credit for tutorials completed.  We are in the process of updating staff information.

·         NEW HIRES are in the process of being entered.  If you are a NEW HIRE, your account will be set up as soon as possible by GCN Facilitators. 

·         Tutorial requirements are set by job category according to District, State and Federal Requirements for compliance and professional development (changes in requirements are reflective of those guidelines).

There is available COVID Tutorials under the optional tab that are currently accessible to LPS staff.

2020-2021 GCN Brochure