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Information Systems

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Information is vital to any organization. Information Systems provides information to the District in the following areas: Payroll, Human Resources, Accounting, Activity Fund, Transportation, Purchasing, and Student Information.

Even though the information is processed in Information Systems, the input of the data is done by each department. Questions pertaining to any information from these departments should be answered by the school or department generating the data.

All student data related questions should be referred to Information Systems.

All questions concerning an employee and/or job pay should be directed to Human Resources.

All requests concerning W4's, W2's annuities, direct deposits and deduction cancellations should be directed to Payroll.

Can I call Information Systems to get LPS Information?

The Information Systems department is not authorized to release information to anyone outside of the school district without approval from Human Resources, Student Services, or the Superintendent's office.

Who do I call if I have a question about?

  • School information - call the school office (attendance, grades, etc)
  • Transportation - (580) 248-3255
  • Child Nutrition - (580) 355-1150

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Information Systems Staff


Jeremie Ploof

  • Database Administrator
  • Ext 2124

Tommy Orndorff

  • Programmer
  • Ext 2132

Arthur Hawkins

  • Programmer
  • Ext 2134

Michael Anderson

  • Software Support Specialist
  • Ext 2133

Shalla Orndorff

  • Software Support Specialist
  • Ext 2139

Susan Capuccio

  • Software Support Specialist
  • Ext 2142

Ty Vaughan

  • Secretary
  • Ext 2136

Sheree Bressman

  • Data Clerk
  • Ext 2137

Ashley Shirley

  • Data Clerk
  • Ext 2138