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Media Technology

Media Operations Services

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To create value and accountability, to work in partnership with district leaders and staff to provide media operations support, for the ultimate goal of producing career bound citizens.


The Eugene D. McMahon Media/Technology Center is here to serve the students and faculty of the school district. We provide a variety of services to help develop the learning process, support district leadership, and to ensure that the districts day-to-day operations run in a smooth and timely manner.

These services include:

  • Print shop
  • Manage district multifunction copier machines
  • US Mail/UPS/Fedex
  • Basement Supplies, including bid process and ordering
  • Distribution
  • Manage the district eRate program 


  • To contact by phone, please dial (580) 713-4207 and enter the extension for who you would like to speak to
  • To send an email, please click on the individuals photo

Dave McDermott – Media Operations Director - ext. 2180

  • Overall supervision of the Media Operations section
  • Ensure the safety and wellbeing of the employees assigned to the section
  • Supervise and monitor the district print shop, basement supplies, distribution, and mail (US, Fedex, UPS)
  • Ensure that eRate and OUSF funds are forecasted, requested, and received in support of the districts intranet, internet, telephone systems, and computer related hardware
  • Manage the school multi-function copying machines in the district
  • Alarm security codes for Shoemaker/Media Center
  • Back door entrance codes for Shoemaker/Media Center
  • Other duties as assigned

Dave McDermott

Sandy Glaser – Secretary - ext. 2182

  • Primary secretary for the Media Operations Director
  • Receives and enters basement supply orders
  • Answers questions on orders based on supply on hand and availability
  • Orders new inventory items for basement supplies
  • Conducts bi-annual inventory of all basement supplies
  • Receives and distributes all incoming mail and distribution
  • Receives, proofs, and processes purchase orders and ATP (Authority to Pay) orders from staff and schools
  • Completes purchases and ATP orders prior to sending them to accounts payable
  • Keeps track of all basement supplies sold
  • Perform duties as the alternate Mail Clerk as necessary.

Sandy Glaser

Julie Large – Mail . Clerk - ext. 2186

  • Primary mail clerk responsible for processing all district mail, to include bulk mailings and postage machine operation, as well as distribution pick up at the Shoemaker Center. 
  • Assist in the print shop area, to include learning how to operate large production print equipment, binder, letter stuffer, etc. 
  • Receive and process all packages from UPS, FedEX, etc. 
  • Check paper status on work order printer, fax machine, and small multi-function copy machines. 
  • Prep for and print out of shipping and return labels via USPS, UPS, and/or FedEX. 
  • Call in equipment service requests for Pitney Bowes, adding machines, and typewriters.
  • Keep file updated on "Acceptable Use" forms for school locations. 
  • Keep track of all inventory books and file updated materials into the books. 
  • Type expense reports, work orders, letters, and other items requested. 
  • Assist visitors requesting videos, picking up print jobs, basement orders, and TV studio as needed.

Julie Large

Mike Morris – Print Shop Manager/Graphic Artist - ext. 2183


  • Assists in planning and directing all administrative and technical operations of the central printing service; and directly supervises all plant operations.
  • Prints all standard forms, form catalogue and other documents (e.g. announcements, letterhead, fliers, pamphlets, board agendas, etc.) for the purpose of providing materials needed by school personnel for instruction, conferences, special events and meetings.
  • Work proactively with vendors to ensure continuous improvement and optimal production solutions for new and existing printing materials and concepts.
  • Checks all work in progress; coordinates composition, printing, and binding operations; shifts priority of orders and operating schedules as work requirements demand.
  • Meets with customers; reviews job requirements and writes up detailed work specifications for printed work.
  • Operate large production production print machines, envelope printers and stuffers, as well as the large paper cutter.
  • Operate a variety of equipment (e.g. copier, drill, binder, collating machine, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring availability of printed materials as required.
  • Supervises and performs administrative tasks relating to print shop operations.

Mike Morris

Eugene Sappington – Digital Print Shop Operator - ext. 2184

  • Provide necessary digital reproduction, binding and distribution services to support the production of information in a technically accurate and timely manner.
  • Effectively, efficiently operate high-speed digital copiers and scanning and document transfer to our large production print machines.
  • Setup, adjust, and operate equipment for individual print jobs.
  • Provide routine preventative maintenance, trouble shooting, diagnosis of equipment malfunctions, and performing minor repairs and other non-contracted maintenance on equipment.
  • Perform incidental hand tasks such as folding, collating, gluing, jogging, trimming, padding, and binding as well as assembling, stuffing and properly packaging/addressing envelopes and boxes for distribution.
  • Load, unload, move or stack paper, supplies, and printed materials by hand, forklift, hand truck, or other available equipment.
  • Accurately maintain necessary filing of required hardcopies/proofs and electronically archived files according to established procedures.
  • Maintain professional customer relations, assist customers promptly and courteously, attend the customer service area as required, receive incoming jobs, respond to customer inquiries, and notify customers of job completion.
  • Maintain accurate, sufficient inventory of stock and supplies communicating reorder requirements in a timely fashion.
  • Perform duties as the alternate Mail Clerk as necessary.

Eugene Sappington

Ron Mullen – Instructional Supply - ext. 2185

  • Fill basement supplies. 
  • Deliver Mattie Beal tubs on Fridays. 
  • Pick up bank bags from mms on Friday afternoons. 
  • Run afternoon routes if a driver is out. 
  • Receive UPS and FED EX and all shipping

Ron Mullen

Anthony Shegog / Mark Buttram / Patrick Shea – Instructional Delivery and Distribution - ext. 2185

  • Drives a truck safely to deliver media equipment, instructional supplies
  • Assist in filling supply orders
  • Delivers equipment, mail, paper and other materials to schools
  • Assists with the receiving of supplies and equipment
  • Stock basement supplies

Anthony Shegog

Mark Buttram

Instructional Delivery/Distribution Employee

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